1509856_10203838063177006_1764710307_nYour Wedding

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding. Even though you will put attention into various details including the setting, what you wear, the overall design of your event and the food, your ceremony will be appreciated above anything else. In the years that follow, it will be fondly remembered as the most significant part of your wedding.

Who Will Marry You?

Choosing the right person to marry you is one of the bigger decisions you make. You want a wedding officiator who can represent the two of you by appreciating the uniqueness of your relationship and to succinctly depict your existing bond with each other. This will make your ceremony special. Your wedding officiator also needs to be a good public speaker.

Why My Services Are Useful

Even though you can choose a relative stranger to do a standard ceremony, a customized one is far more preferable. Traditional clergy don’t always meet these specific needs.
I will personalize your ceremony, providing an intimate experience that will be cherished by you and your guests. I excel in facilitating the process that brings people together, especially when it involves a ceremony that will always be remembered-your wedding. Creating this special memory on the most important day of your life is my specialty that I can provide to you.

My relational manner and good listening skills elicit confidence in couples.
With multiple experiences speaking at a variety of ceremonies, I am accomplished in my ability to creatively synthesize stories and unite couples in a poignant way. I will captivate the essence of your relationship and share this while officiating your marriage.

If you would like, I will also work with the two of you to deepen your relationship with each other prior to your wedding. This will strengthen your bond and help maintain harmony for your future together.

Who I Am

As a couples expert practicing in the psychotherapy field for over thirty years, I help people to flourish in their lives together as a couple.

A renowned lecturer, I have taught internationally and am well respected for my confident and engaging speaking style as well as my comfortable sense of humor.

For Gay and Lesbian Couples:

If you are a gay or lesbian couple, this is a special time since gay couples are able to legally marry in the US. This is a special turning point in history that is exciting to be to be a part of.

I am fortunate enough to live and be married in MA, the first state in the United States that legalized same sex marriage.

Gay couples choosing to establish their own unique rituals hire me since I am an expert in working successfully with gay and lesbian couples. I understand the nuances about getting married for same sex couples and am also attuned to bringing families and friends together, creating a tone that is welcoming and comfortable for everybody.