Your business can be successful based on a combination of optimizing factors.  The end result will be more income for you.  Success is that simple.  I believe that the following factors are crucial for a successful business:

Cultivating Relationships 
Business is all about relationships.  The success of your business depends on how you form and maintain relationships with others.  This includes your co-owners, employees, and customers.  Business owners often overlook how central this factor is and forget to emphasize it with their employees.  I will help you evaluate the personal dynamics of your work environment and how they are affecting your business, and provide a new plan for successful communication that includes employee management and customer service skills.

Optimizing Confidence
The biggest barrier to the growth of your business can be your own fear.  Personal fears can be both rational and irrational, commonly existing around issues such as being good enough, selling yourself, and indecision about giving your business the time and commitment that is needed for its growth.  These fears need to be addressed in order for your confidence, and your business, to grow.  I will help you identify personal barriers that hold you back in the marketing of your business and teach you new skills so that you can promote yourself and your business with confidence.

Identifying Your Niche
Your strengths and talents are why people frequent your business.  Rather than just existing in a competitive market, learn to identify and focus on what makes you and your business unique so that you can stand out above others.  I will help you realize your unique strengths and develop a custom-designed marketing plan that includes speaking about your business confidently in order to create desire.

Keeping a Pulse on Marketplace Trends
Even successful businesses become complacent over time.  The perception of your business as being stale or stagnant is not what you want your customer to walk away with.  You can maintain your niche and make changes that lend a fresh tone to your business at the same time.  I will help you learn to conduct market research to keep up with new trends in order to appeal to new customers and create reasons for your existing customers to continue coming back.


New Business Start-Ups and Expansions
New business owners struggle to establish a business identity that clearly conveys who they are and what they have to offer.  It is common, even necessary, to question why others would be interested in your business and whether you are willing to devote the time and energy that is needed for your business to prosper.  As you expand your scope of services, it is important that you develop a clear understanding of exactly who are your target customers and what will make your business successful.  I will help you to: 

  1. Identify your brand and position your business to effectively reach your target market.
  2. Establish a visual identity including graphics, collateral, and décor for your business.
  3. Describe succinctly and with confidence what your business is and what makes it unique.  This will entice others to know more about your business, frequent it, and spread the word. 
  4. Anticipate and create procedures for running your business so that the inevitable difficulties with employees and customers can be dealt with smoothly.
  5. Price your goods or services at a competitive rate and feel the confidence to ask for money with ease.

RESULTS: You will develop ways to clearly represent what your business offers, and will feel committed, confident, and excited about opening your new business or expanding your existing business.

Businesses Run by Couples
Couples who run a business together often assume that a formal level of communication isn’t necessary.  Sloppy business practices add to chaos both at work and at home.  Since there are always unresolved issues in both a relationship and a business, the probability of experiencing tensions becomes even stronger with a couple.  As a result, couples tend to avoid communicating and just shut down.  I will help you to:

  1. Communicate effectively as a couple and develop solutions to help your business become tightly organized and run smoothly.
  2. Organize your business to designate specific roles and job expectations for each of you, rather than existing without the support of these formal mechanisms.
  3. Create a structure to help you schedule sufficient meetings, organization, and documentation needed to maintain the efficiency of your business.
  4. Repair unresolved dynamics between both of you so your business and your homelife can run smoothly.

RESULTS: You will act like a team again, your business will operate harmoniously, and your conflicts will improve at work and at home.  

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues
Whether yours is a GLBT-run business or you would like to attract GLBT dollars, there is a lot to consider.  How out you are and how well you understand the benefits of targeting your business to GLBT customers are examples of the factors that will contribute to your success.  Another important consideration involves understanding the biases you or your employees may have in providing services to GLBT customers.  If there is a feeling of discrimination, regardless of how covert it may be, the result will be that customers won’t return to your business.  Remember, the success of your business is through word of mouth.  You want all of your customers to be as happy as they can be.  I will help you to: 

  1. Identify how you can achieve comfort as a GLBT business owner and to maximize your client base in as broad a way as possible.
  2. Target your business to GLBT customers in order to increase visibility to this population as well as maximize your own profits. 
  3. Treat your GLBT employees well and help staff in treating these employees with equality.
  4. Provide trainings and information on diversity, transgender issues, and GLBT issues in the workplace.

RESULTS: Your business will cater to a broader market, which will increase revenues and enhance your reputation. Your GLBT employees and customers will experience pride being affiliated with your business.

Support For Traumatic Events
A traumatic event in the community, in the workplace, or in the lives of employees is most often an unexpected experience that a business is generally unprepared to deal with.  Individual coping styles are different.  While some may need privacy, others may need support and an opportunity to grieve publicly.  Many people don’t have proper techniques for dealing with stress.  Managers usually don’t know how to communicate with employees during these times, and it can become difficult to keep the business going in its necessary, day-to-day functions.  I will help you to: 

  1. Educate supervisors and staff on the effects of trauma and how to cope in healthy ways.
  2. Provide techniques for stress management and relaxation in order to restore healthy coping skills.
  3. Facilitate single-session or ongoing support for individuals or groups at the workplace.
  4. Offer strategies for managers in order to continue with the services that your business offers.

RESULTS: Your workplace will achieve a feeling of cohesion; individuals will gain mastery in how to cope with experiences that exceed the normal pressures of everyday life. You will have a plan for how to proceed with business as usual.

Many artists achieve expertise in their creative endeavors, but lack interest or training in business practices.  It is common to feel self-conscious about marketing, particularly because your work is highly personal.  Struggles often include fair market pricing, maintaining self-confidence, establishing a web presence, developing high-quality collateral, and asking for money.  I will help you to: 

  1. Organize/edit groups of work and establish a niche that is unique to you.
  2. Position your business to reach your potential customers, based on their needs and your own understanding of who typically buys your work.
  3. Strengthen your confidence in pricing your work at fair market value and asking for money.
  4. Create a graphic identity that can be used for cards, website, and stationary.