Unknown-1Unwrapped: Integrative Therapy with Gay Men… The Gift of Presence

Empathetic, touching, and at times humorous, Rick Miller’s Unwrapped is both timely and unique in that the author s own history echoes the universal history of many gay men. And from this perspective, Miller gently but boldly addresses the challenges and issues gay men face and how therapists can rise to the occasion, healing not only the their clients, but evolving and changing themselves, becoming more in tune and more able to work with this minority. Childhood scars of having to hide in and remain secretive, strained relationships with parents and family, growing up in a religious environment, internalized and external societal homophobia, challenges with authority figures, pressures to conform to impossible gay ideals, working through loss and grief from the AIDS epidemic, sex and love in the gay world, sexual compulsion and addiction, the fear of aging Miller leaves no stone unturned and discusses these topics relevant to gay men with honesty and integrity. He explains that gay men most often live from the outside in rather than the inside out. And although great strides have been made for gay men, there is still much to do in order to help them to live life wholly and fully. Offering case examples intertwined with therapeutic hypnosis scripts, Miller presents real life clients and shares their progress and outcomes. Through pointed questions, he encourages therapists to carefully review their own motives, beliefs, and bias before working with gay men, and to then become prepared, informed, and willing to use their intuition and open their hearts. Unwrapped is an excellent book and Rick Miller is the clear voice of a minority that has struggled so much for freedom and the right to live a peaceful, loving life. This is a must-read for all clinicians.

mindfulness-tools-for-gay-men-in-therapy-coverMindfulness Tools for Gay Men in Therapy

Mindfulness Tools for Gay Men in Therapy is designed to free your clients from shame, find safety, peace, and be truly himself. International trainer, author and gay male psychotherapist, Rick Miller, LICSW, utilizes over 30 years of personal and clinical experience to deliver an interactive book that successfully integrates mindfulness, meditation and self-exploration to accelerate the power of therapy. This is the must-have toolbox for straight or gay therapists to develop caring authentic relationships with their clients, while overcoming therapeutic challenges using transformational mind-body strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique emotional struggles gay men face by utilizing these custom tools: 

 * Mindfulness & meditation scripts specifically designed for use with gay male clients

 * Self-assessments and questions for therapists

 * Over 35 worksheets and exercises to enhance therapeutic effectiveness.

“Your book was such a delight and an inspiration. It was lovely to hear your voice as I was reading it! I felt inspired to let go and trust being more creative with my clients. Thank you.”